Treatment of back pain

Treatment of back pain

26.09.2019 0 By Bones

How to treat back pain and how to treat it. Back pain is one of the most common complaints that patients make at a general practitioner’s office, and it is related to spinal disorders in most cases. Pain syndrome can have varying degrees of intensity: from barely noticeable to unbearable. In the case of chronic pain, the quality of life of a person suffers significantly. Sometimes people are unable to continue their work because of the pain and have to give up their favorite work.

Naturally, the treatment of back pain should begin with the elimination of the cause of the back pain, not just pain management. Only by eliminating the etiological factor can we achieve a lasting positive result. In each case, the treatment program will be different, but there are general measures that allow you to get rid of pain for a while and give the opportunity to proceed to the main therapeutic stage, because with severe back pain it is difficult to engage in physical therapy, and contraindicated. In this article we will consider the principles of treatment of acute back pain, regardless of its cause. That is, the described activities are universal and suitable for each patient with pain syndrome. But in each case, the therapy plan should only be made by a specialist, taking into account all the features of the body and the disease. First aid in case of an acute pain attack. Most people who suffer from degenerative dystrophic diseases of the spine (osteochondrosis, spondylitis, spondylitis, protrusion and herniation of the disc) occasionally have acute painful attacks. And they develop suddenly, at the most inopportune time and in an unusual place.

Therefore, you need to know how to help yourself, especially in a situation where there are no outsiders around. Acute pain syndrome is caused by irritation, compression and inflammation of the nerve root of the spinal cord, which is damaged by pathological changes in the spine. Also, a significant role is played by protective spasm of the back in response to the situation. This disease is called radiculitis, and painful attacks that occur, depending on the spine – cervicago, thoracago and lubago. Self-help algorithm for acute back pain: As a rule, the pain is so intense that it does not even allow you to move. In this case, it is necessary to lie on a firm and even surface, no matter where you are, at home or in a shopping centre. It is important to get rid of pain. Lie down carefully and slowly, sink in the same position in which you have been caught up in pain.

The position on the surface is on your side. It is in this position that the load on the spine is reduced and the pain slowly retreats. Lie down until the pain subsides a little. Then you need to turn slowly on your back to relax your muscles. Legs should be placed on an elevation, such as a chair, box, etc., at an angle of about 90ยบ. In this position, the back muscles are relaxed to the maximum and the spine is leveled. Lie down until the pain is almost completely gone (10-15 minutes). Now you need to get up correctly so that the pain does not come back again. To do this, first slowly turn on your side, get on all fours, crawl up to any support, which can be grasped and then start to rise on your feet.

The back is the last thing to straighten out. Immediately after the previous algorithm of actions it is necessary to fix the painful place, for example, tightly wrap the back with a handkerchief, take a pill of anesthetic and seek medical help to prescribe further analgesic and anti-inflammatory treatment.