Low back pain treatment

Low back pain treatment

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Pain in the back is the most common complaint in middle-aged and older people. The first age group often has an illness due to constant sitting work. At a more mature age, radiculitis and osteochondrosis are added. Patients talk about their problem at a visit with their therapist. Only after that do they treat back pain with the help of doctors with specialization.

When the disease becomes chronic, the quality of life rapidly decreases. Often, due to obnoxious back pains, the patient is unable to fully perform his or her work-related to physical activity. Degenerative changes in the trunk of the spine is a key cause of low back pain.

The nature of the resulting pain syndrome in most cases is directly related to diseases of the spine. Low back pain can be acute or blunt, with varying degrees of intensity – only a doctor can identify the causes and prescribe treatment.

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Thanks to the elimination of the etiological factor, it is possible to fix the result of low back pain relief. Low back pain treatment begins with a diagnosis of the body. The treating physician needs to find out the true cause of the pain syndrome. Only after this stage can you start the therapy. Each patient has its own therapeutic method of treatment, which comes from the general set of measures to get rid of the pain.

We will consider the principles of treatment of acute pain syndrome, regardless of its nature. The following description of the technique is universal for all patients. The proposed therapy can be corrected by the doctor taking into account the individual nuances of each individual organism and the present disease.

First aid for low back pain
The basis of spinal pain in the acute manifestation – muscle irritation, suppression and inflammation of the spinal cord root. Spinal nerves are damaged by pathological changes in the spine. Back pain of this nature requires immediate identification of the cause and initiation of treatment.

Painful feelings are most often associated with degenerative-dystrophic diseases:

Intervertebral hernia.

Spasm of the spinal muscles is no less important. As a result of this discomfort, the muscles are instantly blocked and become stationary. This disease is called radiculitis.

Some painful feelings can occur suddenly. The onset of back pain catches up with a person at the most inopportune moment. If you feel acute back pain, which hinders your movements, in an unusual place, you should resort to the following recommendations.